Hospital Hygiene Compliance

Controlling healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) is fundamental to reducing the spread of pandemics like COVID-19. 

AiRISTA Unified Vision Solution with Hand Hygiene Compliance provides efficient compliance management of all caregivers within an organization. AiRISTA B4n Personnel Tags and the BLE based dispenser nodes, provide notification and recording of all gel and/or soap requirements for complete compliance.

AiRISTA Launches New Staff Safety and Hand Hygiene Modules for its SaaS Solution for Healthcare Providers

AiRISTA - RTLS Experts in Hand Hygiene

Notification and Tracking of Staff
  • Upon entry / exit of a room with a patient, the badge will notify the caregiver of the need to gel or soap wash.
  • Dwell time re-gel or wash requirements are maintained as well as restroom and food service area reminders.
  • Low cost BLE emitter pre-fit and retrofit to most hygiene dispensers record true compliance.
  • Reporting is available at the “community”, department, job function and individual level.
  • Easy to manage dashboards identify problem areas/groups and track compliance and goal achievement.

AiRISTA Flow - Hand Hygiene Customer Example

Compliance went from 65% to 89%

A 240 bed regional medical center deployed the AiRISTA UVS Hand Hygiene Compliance solution for all staff and 900 gel dispensers.

  • The solution spanned all patient rooms, treatment rooms, common areas, restrooms and food service areas within a facility.
  • After deployment, the compliance rate went from an estimated 65% to a documented 89% in the first six months.
  • Key areas of improvement were readily identified as well as trends to lower compliance by certain shifts or groups (i.e. late shift trailed day shift).

AiRISTA - RTLS Experts in Hand Hygiene

Deployment Details

  • Management Platform: AiRISTA UVS Hand Hygiene System
  • Infrastructure: Existing Cisco WiFi infrastructure
  • 900 AiRISTA BLE Sensors for gel dispensers
  • Asset RTLS Tags: AiRISTA B4n WiFi/BLE Personnel Tag
  • Integrations: ADT for patient room and other data
  • Deployment time: 60 days